N°00950000 Freund Slate- & Fibre Cement Cutter MasterCut®

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Award-winning masterpiece: You cut fiber cement tiles with the
centimeter scale pointing upwards. And for slate, simply turn the
MasterCut® upside down! For easier cutting than ever before and maximum
work safety

• Flexible: Cuts fiber cement slates with one
side and natural slate with the other one. Simply
turn over
• Convenient: Integrated hole punch with a
stable and unbreakable spring
• High quality: Die-cast aluminum body, easy
to maintain
• Robust: Despite its multiple usability,
MasterCut® consists of only a few components
• Safe: Protects the hand from pinshing when
• Ergonomic: Pleasant soft grips for smooth

Cuts and punches slate and
fiber cement tiles up to 7 millimetres thickness!