N° 0PWM1020 C2A Wuko Eco Clipper Cordless with guide

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The amazing little slitter  - running through sheet metal without vibrations and curls!

  • Roller assembly for cutting long (e.g. tapered) sheet matel panels laid out on the floor in an easy and quick way
  • For precise and effortless cutting wheter straight or curved, short or long metal sheets
  • For cutting according to scribe lines or with an adjustable guide
  • Variable cutting speed
  • Ideal for both workshop and job site
  • Delivered in a carrying case
  • With cordless drive: 18V/2Ah
  • including battery charger and two batteries

Technical Data

  • Max. sheet metal thickness:
    Galvanized steel: 0.80 mm/0.031″
    Aluminium, Copper, Zinc: 1.00 mm/0.039″
    Stainless steel: 0.60/0.024″
  • Cutting speed: 0–15 m/min (0–49 ft/min)
  • Minimum cutting radius: 500 mm/20″
  • With adjustable guide