Schechtl TBX 100 Manual bending machine

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TBX 100 

  • transportable and foldable
  • ideal for frequently changing job site places and working on upper floors
  • installation on a workbench on in a construction vehicle possible without X-shaped support stand
  • clamping pressure adjustable - good, uniform bending throughout the entire working length

Standard Equipment

  • 1 clamping beam 45 degree, radius 1mm (non-exchangeable)

 Working Length 1000mm
Bending Capacity
Steel 400N/mm2 0.80mm
Aluminium 250 N/mm2 1.00mm
Stainless Steel 600N/mm2 0.50mm
Copper 330 N/mm2 1.00mm
Zinc 150 N/mm2 1.00mm
Overall Dimensions
Length 1240mm
Depth  692
Height c/w X-shaped stand 1150mm
TBX without X-shaped stand 38kgs
X-shaped support stand 17kgs
Clamping beam opening height 45mm



Optional Accessories:
  • foot stand
  • rolling unit
  • rolling rod on 14mm, 16mm/18mm & 20mm diameter
  • tap wrench in 12mm (crank to turn the rolling rod